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Church Council

The vision of a Just Peace is a hallmark of  the United Church of Christ (UCC) theological identity. For nearly two decades, the Just Peace Church Program has been a grassroots movement of UCC congregations committed  to corporately naming and boldly proclaiming a public identity as justice-doing, peace-seeking churches.

Our Just Peace Church identity has become an important symbol for our congregation. It both shapes the congregational identity and offers a theological framework for doing justice-based theological reflection.

What does it mean to be a Just Peace Church in times like these? For many, the Just Peace Church identity involves ministries of direct service, legislative advocacy, and courageous witness. The approach differs from person to person: Some are immersed in anti-war and anti-militarism issues, while others focus their energies on U.S. policies affecting various war-impacted countries around the globe. We invite your involvement as we continue to shape our congregation's direction in this critical movement.

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GCC-UCC was founded as an "Open and Affirming" (ONA) congregation. We are committed not only to being open to all but to affirming that openness to the community and the world. Our congregation is not just saying "We will not reject others," but "We will welcome others."

We, the people of Gunnison Congregational Church - United Church of Christ (GCC-UCC), seek to be a community of Christians who celebrate and live in openness  to the voice of the Still Speaking God. We celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each expression of God's diverse family as well as our openness in Christ. As we seek to live lives of compassion and promote justice, healing and wholeness of life, we welcome into our community persons of every gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, mental and physical ability, age, race, nationality, economic and social status, faith background, marital standing, and family structure, We invite them to share in the life, leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities, blessings, and joys of our congregation as we seek to grow together in faith and love.

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  • We believe Scripture teaches that God's first instruction to humanity was to keep the garden and all its inhabitants throughout  the Earth.
  • We accept that the covenant God made with Noah to preserve life was made with all animals and humans.
  • We believe Jesus used parables about the abundance of nature and the equitable distribution of the fruits of the earth to teach us of God's justice.
  • We believe some of humans' impact on the Earth destroys what God has created and deprives future generations of their God-given heritage.
  • We believe that as stewards of  this Earth, we must recognize that conservation of God's creation is an act of fidelity to the covenant God made with us.
  • Given these beliefs, we, the members of the Gunnison Congregational Church - United Church of Christ (GCC-UCC), resolve to do the following:
  • We, as a Church and as individuals, will show leadership in conserving God's good Earth by reducing our energy consumption.
  • The Church will provide education and leadership in spreading the principles of the Whole Earth Covenant to all parts of our lives and the lives of those in our communities.
  • The Church will honor all creatures, all life, and the Earth as blessed by God in liturgy, worship, prayer, policies, and practices.
  • We will challenge ourselves and others to be4 responsible stewards for the Whole Earth.

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